March 27, 2017

March Giveaway

Happy Monday! 

If you follow me on instagram (shannon_gibb) would may be aware, that I have teamed up with a bunch of Australian Bloggers to giveaway a truck load of awesome products.

It is a loop giveaway, that being to enter you need to follow everyone involved and like the giveaway photo on their page. Super Easy.

Some of the awesome products, all which total over $350, including some of my favourites;

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Palette
BECCA Glow on the Go in Moonstone
Jane Iredale Tanner

What do you think about giveaways, would you like to see more of them? I hope you check it out and enter.

Shan x.

March 21, 2017

SNEAK PEEK: Lush 2017 Easter Collection

Can you believe it, it is actually almost easter. Easter is actually one of my favourite times of the year, for a few reasons. 1. Chocolate 2. My birthday & 3. LUSH EASTER COLLECTION! 

As with any collection launch at Lush, this years release does not disappoint, bringing back some old favourites and some extra new surprises. The collection will be available from March 23rd - April 27th, here are a few of the collection which I was lucky enough to receive. 

Which Came First - $9.95 

I am super excited to use this bath both, as it is new to the easter collection this year & it contains a hidden egg (I am assuming) by the rattling. Obviously I cant shake it too much or I would ruin the surprise. I love the citrus scent of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit, it is really uplifting. 

Chick 'N' Mix - $11.95

This bath bomb is also new to this years collection - and quite possibly my favourite ever bath bomb visually. It is comprised of 3 separate sections; the yellow (chicken), the blue (egg) and then a mini egg inside. What is actually really cool is that you could use this as 1, 2 or 3 bath bombs - so really bang for you buck. The sweet smell of bergamot is hard to miss, this oil is amazing for its calming and uplifting properties - seriously perfect for bath time relaxation after a stressful day.

Chocolate Easter Egg - $6.95/100g

I am definitely not waiting until easter to tuck into this chocolate egg. I am usually not much of a soap bar person, I would rather opt for creams and gel, however I am excited to give this one a try. The scent is really something different, it is described as rich and creamy and that it is. With vanilla, citrus, coconut oil and cocoa butter - I can't see this soap disappointing.  

Chocolate Lip Scrub - $9.95

The chocolate lip scrub is the latest addition to the cult favourite Lush lip scrub range. This delicious sugary scrub is an incredible combo of dark chocolate cocoa, tangerine and sweet orange oils - seriously lip licking worthy... and you can - like all Lush lip scrubs, this goodie is edible. 

I hope you have enjoyed this small sneak preview into the 2017 Lush Easter Collection. Which products do you have your eye on? Will you be picking up some old favourites or trying the some of the new collection. 

March 16, 2017

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

You may have seen these lipsticks online a little bit lately. I still wanted to share with you quickly some swatches and a really simple review. 

Overall I actually love these lipsticks. When I first received them I was a little uncertain about a few of the colours but once I actually tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised. Just goes to show, stepping out of your comfort zone isn't that bad after all. 

I really like the formula of them all, they didn't really differ from colour to colour like some lipsticks can. Some of the darker shades were slightly harder to work with but by using a lip brush and letting them warm on the lips, I found them to become very workable. Overall the formula is insanely buttery for a matte lipstick and I didn't find it bled on me at all, which is something I do struggle with. Also I cant not mention the smell - not sure, how or why but I love it - reminds me of raspberry lollies. 

Make sure you leave me a comment for which shade you would most likely wear? 


Run the Show 


Take the Stage

The Matte Factor 

Look Who's Talking

Leader in the Pink 

High Flyer

Call the Shots

March 13, 2017

RY Beauty launches a new range of LUX Skincare!

If you are an avid beauty lover like me; and considering you are reading this I am going to say – yes you are. Then you would have heard of RY Beauty – before. It is Australia’s largest Haircare & Skincare online store AND they have just released a new category in their skincare range of Luxe Skincare.

The Luxe Skincare range features 24 highend, luxurious brands. It is literally the cream of the skincare crop. I was lucky enough to receive some incredible products to try from the Luxe Skincare range (and yes, I may have cried with pure excitement when receiving this package).

If you are beyond excited and can’t possibly read on, click here to check out the new range. I also have a special code, only valid for March which gives you 10% off – SHANNON4RY.

I have started using a few of the products received, I obviously couldn’t start all at the same time as I wanted to know exactly how each behaved with my skin – It is still early days, but please let me know if you would like a further in detail review on any of the products below.

Elemis – Papaya Enzyme Peel

I have actually used this peel before and I love it. I actually didn’t know how to repurchase it as it was gifted through a beauty event. I am so happy I now know I can easily repurchase via It is a cream exfoliator based on papaya, pineapple and bladderwrack which helps improve the skin by refining, revitalising & smoothing.

Payot – My Payot Sleeping Pack

This product sounds really cool, I had never heard of it or the brand previously. It uses new technology to help combat the signs of fatigue. It does all the work whilst you sleep, because as we know this is when the skin is actually the most receptive to ingredients. It is designed to help the skin recover while you sleep, letting you wake up with improved and radiant skin – sounds incredible.

ASAP – DNA Renewal Treatment

I have used this brand before and experienced really good results. What actually really excited me about this product was the mention of ‘Telomere Protection’, as I am currently reading a book called ‘The Telomere Effect’. This cream is using technology designed to aid in the protection and repair of DNA damage – SERIOUSLY SO COOL. I can’t wait to start using this one, maybe before & afters will be necessary.

Pier Auge – Eye Gel PA 24

I absolutely LOVE French skin care! Pier Auge source only the purest and finest ingredients and is suitable for all skin types and conditions, using ingredients which are designed to exactly match the composition of skin. Sounds really cool. I have been looking for a good eye gel to add to my routine and this one sounds divine, aiding in the regeneration of the delicate epidermis of the eyelids.

Thalgo – Eveil A LA MER Micellaire Foaming Cleansing Lotion & Source Marine Hydra Cream

These two products are the two I instantly had to start using, the look and feel so luxurious. I wish I could add a scratch and sniff section to the blog, just so you could experience it! So far my skin is loving both of these products, they feel like a winning combo. My skin is feeling beautifully cleaned and the cream sinks into the skin really well.
FOREO Luna Mini 2

I have heard quite a lot about this device and was actually very intrigued to try it. It is a ‘T-Sonic Cleansing Device’ and it is suited for all skin types – however I would not recommend using on active acne. This device claims to be ultra-hygienic, which is something I had concerns with when using over cleansing devices – I can see how this could be more hygienic due to the silicone brush. I also thought it was super awesome that one charge will give you approx. 5 months of use.

Again, if you are interested in hearing any more about a certain product in particular, please let me know in the comments. Also don’t forget the 10% discount code for March – SHANNON4RY

Shan x.  


March 09, 2017

Why you need Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil has been around for a while now, it was one of those craze products which received a lot of hype. I am sure you were left wondering if it was really worth it and if you should be adding it into your skincare regime or not.

Well I am here to tell you – DO IT!

Rosehip oil is a fruit oil that is extracted from the hip of the rose. It is the fruit which is actually left behind once the flower has bloomed and lost its petals. I do think a lot of people get this confused with Rose Essential Oil.

There are many Benefits of using Rosehip Oil;

·         Natural source of Vitamin E & C
·         Natural source of Essential Fatty Acids
·         Natural source of Antioxidants
All of that aside, I wanted to talk to you about my personal experience with Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil – Certified Organic (yippie) with Antioxidant and Omega Boost.

I personally have struggled with my skin hydration levels & also a mild butterfly type rash for years. When it was first suggested that I try rosehip oil, I will admit – I thought there was no way a ‘simple oil’ would be able to fix either, let along both issues. I am so happy to be able to tell you, I WAS WRONG.

I started by only applying 2-3 drops underneath my night time moisturiser every 2-3 nights. My skins appearance improved dramatically overnight. It appeared more supple and like my tired fine lines has been reduced. To be honest, my skin looked younger and healthier – I know big claims. With continued use I was really able to see a reduction in the redness on my cheeks. What set this oil apart from others for me was the light weight non-greasy consistency of it; I didn’t feel like a big shiny oil slick after applying. It is now a weekly necessity in my skincare routine.

I have also tried using rosehip oil under my morning cream, but as I am time poor in the morning I don’t think I have ever been able to allow it enough time to truly sink in prior to applying foundation. I will definitely have to give it a go on the weekends but it’s just not something I remember as I am happy enough with the affects from just night time use.

Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip oil is also jam packed full of other skin nourishing extras; 
  • CAMELLIA OIL - Rich in vitamins A, B, E and high in oleic acid to help promote skin elasticity, improves skin hydration and helps prevent the signs of ageing.
  • SEABUCKTHORN EXTRACT - Rich in Omega 7, essential fatty acids and natural tocopherols making it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. Improves skin suppleness and helps rebuild skin cell structure.
  • ROSEMARY EXTRACT - High source of natural antioxidants to help restore and protect the skin from environmental free radical damage.

Do you use a rosehip oil? I would love to hear about your own personal experiences.

Shan x.

*Products were kindly sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

March 07, 2017

5 Tips For Better Looking Skin

In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you my full Adult Acne Story. First though, I thought I would share with you 5 things which I changed or incorporated to help improve my overall skin health.

There are loads of reasons as to why we should look after our skin, it is after all our biggest organ & it does a mighty good job of keeping all of our bits in where they should be. But also good skin helps to boost self-confidence and in turn this makes us happier. Maintaining healthy skin overall (as superficial as it sounds) improves the way we think and feel about ourselves.

5 Tips For Healthier Looking Skin;

1.Face Mapping

I think this is a bit of a forgotten art form. A lot of people I mention it too respond with ‘What is that’, followed by a bit of an ‘a-hah’ moment. Face Mapping is an ancient Chinese form of skin analysis. It is your bodies’ way of letting you know and help you understand the reasoning behind the spots and congestion. I have found by knowing what is going on and having a better understanding behind my skin issues, I can then treat it better and I also feel less down on myself about it.

Image Source: The Snow Fairy – also check out the blog for more detail on face mapping here.

2. Invest in good Skin Care

I am not saying go and spend a fortune on skin care, as there are definitely some incredible products which are on the cheaper end. But listen to your body, if you are using a cheaper cleanser and your face feels incredibly clean – however you are still battling breakouts and oil problems. That cleanser probably isn’t for you – it’s actually over cleansing and stripping your skin of its natural necessary oils.  Keep it Simple with Skin Care, but not simple as in cleanser and moisturiser. Simple in the sense as focus on one or two skin care ranges. You will find brands create products which work well together and you will get more benefit when using them in conjunction with each other. For me, I have found the Skinstitut range has worked wonders with my skin and the large range of products helps me target specific problems and issues.

3. Monitor your Dairy

Again this can also go back to face mapping point, but dairy products, including milk & cheese contain growth hormones and can have an inflammatory affect which actually clog your pores. If you can’t give up the cheese like me, definitely try cutting back when it comes to that time of the month. I personally limit my cheese intake and never drink milk. I notice a massive difference in my skin as soon as I reduce my intake.

4. Look after your Gut

Having an excess amount of bad gut bacteria can lead to a number of problems, one of them being acne. I take a number of tablets every morning and one of them is a probiotic. I find this helps my body and in particular my gut function better in so many ways. I have found two which I particularly like, Polybac8  & Bio Ceuticals.

5. Make the most of masking

Be sure to not overdo it, I see a lot of people using masks daily or every second day as they are not happy with how their skin is looking. I know we all can love the feeling of a freshly exfoliated face, but over exfoliating can also get rid of the healthy skin cells which act as a natural barrier. This could also lead to hypersensitivity and excess oil to compensate. The same goes for clay masks, these are only designed to be used 1-2 times a week. Using them any more often can have as adverse effect and the benefits won’t be as noticeable.

BONUS TIP: Drink more water… now this wouldn’t of been a skin post without mentioning drinking more water. I keep a large bottle on my desk at work. It’s also easier to keep this on you on weekends rather than buying water etc.

Check out:

February 28, 2017

February Health and Wellness Awareness

So I wanted to start a new series 'Health and Wellness Awareness' within my blog for two reasons;
  1. It will keep me accountable – I will have no excuse but to keep exploring and discovering new things
  2. I love to share these things I find with people
I am always on a journey with health and wellness; I love learning and discovering new books, documentaries and things along those lines. I want to be able to share with you each month a few of my new favourites which I have come across.
Headspace - This is such a nifty little app for those interested and wanting to learn how to meditate. All you need is 10 minutes, it is best to pick a time you can stick to every day and the app will do the rest for you. Personally I really enjoy the voice of Andy and the laid back approach. It really helped me to stop over thinking it and to just sit back and do… It really is meditation made simple.

Melissa Ambrosini Show - These are podcasts by the author of ‘Mastering your Mean Girl’. Melissa is a bit of a ‘self-help guru’ with a series of Health, Wealth and Love interview style podcasts. I love the variety and listening to other peoples thoughts and ideals. These interviews feel really natural and genuine with content that helps spark your own thoughts. I enjoy listening to this whilst I do mindless tasks like cleaning the house; I find the content very uplifting.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know if you have discovered any new health and wellness books, podcasts or apps… anything really that helps you grow and challenge yourself. I would love to hear about it.

Shan x.